2 Year Celebration

On Tuesday 4/4, my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventures to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! This trip was really unique compared to our other trips because we did a lot of new and different things this time instead of our usual routine. Rather than trying to ride every single ride that we love, we chose to get fast passes for 2 of our most favorite rides (Space Mountain and Radiator Springs) and only wait in lines that had a 30 min or less wait time. In the end, this strategy allowed us to have a more stress-free experience and a lot more time to walk around and sight see! The parks were definitely more packed than they were on Valentine’s Day (probably because of spring break?), but we left feeling like we got more done this time and also felt less tired.

We also brought our new GoPro Hero 5 Black with us and got to take some cool pics and videos! Here are some of my favorites:





Something Just Like This

It’s been 2 whole years since my bb and I have been dating!! Where did the time go?! As I reflect on these past 2 years, I can’t help but feel blessed and grateful for how much we grew and all the things we accomplished and overcame.

I know it’s cheesy, but here’s a post dedicated to the best boyfriend ever~

HELLO BB if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of me and doing life with me these past 2 years. Ever since I first met you, I was (and still am) so impressed by your sense of responsibility, incredibly smart brain, and goofiness. I know that I can always rely on you to get things done, lean on you when times get tough, and have someone to make me laugh and be silly with. Thank you for always listening to what I have to say and taking me seriously no matter how ridiculous I sound or how trivial my problems might be. I’m so glad I can cling on to your positivity even when I feel like there’s no solution or a way out, and I hope you know that your words of encouragement have helped me to dream bigger and accomplish more than I could have imagined. Thank you also for being so patient with me even when I’m being a big grumpy baby 😦

Did you know that one of my top favorite moments of dating you is the night we went to Answer while we were in Seoul? I was in a very sensitive and cranky mood that day and you dealt with me even though I was being unfair to you. To make things worse, I realized that I accidentally left my ID… while we were already in our cab, already spent so much time going through traffic, and already almost at our destination. But instead of getting mad at me, you told me that it was okay and tried to make me feel better about the situation. You paid for the expensive cab fare (which was basically a waste because we had to go back), went through the whole ordeal of trying to give the new cab driver directions on how to get to the AirBnB, and then went through the long cab ride there and back to Apgujeong again LOL. You truly made me feel loved and like a princess even when I was having such a bad day.

I feel like I can write a whole book about my appreciation for you, but I want to keep it short and sweet. So, thank you again for everything. I’m so excited to make more memories and go on more adventures with you! I hope we can continue to center our relationship around God and allow Him to bless us on this journey that we are on together.

Love always,